Monday, 9 December 2013

Scottish Cyclo Cross Champs 2013

We had a lovely day out near Dunbar, East along the coast from Edinburgh.

A little light rain....when everywhere else had a day of heavy rain!!

It was held at Foxlake wakeboarding centre.

 Our friend Brendan Roe from the Kingdom of Fife won the 50+ championship!!!
The Pirate enjoyed himself in the Pits for two races, then after homemade soup in a flask had a wander around chatting to friends and watching the senior (under 40 years old) race.

Races are held on a circuit which is 2.5 to 3.5 km long with at least 90% rideable (by top riders!)  it will have a set of barriers no more than 40cm high, which riders will have to get over by picking up their bike and running.

We did our shopping on the way home in Edinburgh. After all why go all that way and just go past twice!!  From thereon the weather was most foul, heavy rain and strong winds until we were almost home.

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