Tuesday, 3 December 2013

keeping warm and dry

Today started with twenty minutes on my bike...which is fixed to the turbo trainer!!

A session interrupted by a phone call...inviting me to have a stall at the Doonfoot school Christmas fair on Thursday evening!   They have had a cancellation so there was a table spare. 
There is hope of better sales there, nearer to Ayr, so I said yes!!

The rest of the day has been bits here and there, dodging the rainshowers.
I did my shop duty today and collected the money from November's sales...only a salt pot and two mugs, but it is growing quietly.

We're working steadily through our woodpile, so must replenish it soon.  I travel with a small bowsaw and loppers in the car for "roadkill"...after all one can't just leave it to be a hazard on the road!!


Joanne Noragon said...

Found wood is good wood! Much of the park land around me is wood, and it is off limits. It must lie where it fell, sez the federal government.

Hawthorn said...

lovely photo - lovely smile :)

Cro Magnon said...

My oldest son has just installed a wood burning stove in his newly acquired North London home, and he does exactly the same. No fallen branch escapes his clutches.