Monday, 9 December 2013

the day after...

We thought to have a little lie in after a long day.....mistake!!

You end up feeling harassed as there are too many jobs needing to be done and no time to get on with them steadily.

At least now the Crabapple Vodka is in its glass jar, starting the two year process.

Two mugs have been packed and I'm awaiting the recipient's choice of posting service and payment.

The washing is on the line...coming in soon as the afternoon clouds over!!

We've decided to get the kitchen storage sorted properly.  If you only have shelves and it is all on view, having it in odds and sods of recycled jars and boxes is not a good look....

The good news?   The Pirate is back on light chainsaw duties!!


smartcat said...

Good news about the Pirate!
A lie-in is almost impossible in this house due to animals' demands!

Cro Magnon said...

I would like to repeat exactly what 'smartcat' said.