Monday, 2 December 2013


 It was very overcast, grey and damp this morning. We needed a "constitutional", but yesterday's walk had been a little too far.   If we'd been able to find that distance solely on small lanes and have a completely relaxed walk....but we live and learn!

We need to find where all the nearby footpaths are, to give us smaller walk circuits.
Much as I love our local Green Lane, I loathe just going there and back.

 Everything is very damp and green.
 We found a few more crabapple trees ready for next year's foraging, but there was not one sloe in sight.
 What we did discover was a tree branch on the road,  run over by someone speeding round the bends....
and now neatly sawn and stacked ready for tonight's fire.

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Hawthorn said...

I love collecting wood for our woodburner, it seems satisfying to have been for a walk and bring back wood to burn later that evening.
Take care.