Sunday, 15 December 2013


This morning the rain has stopped for a while and the wind abated.
We walked up the nearby green lane and picked up two gallons of crabapples, surprisingly unbruised.   Cue something with cranberries and another something with rosehips mixed with the apples, after I've cleaned and sorted them.
      I carried them home in a small blue bag with yellow handles from a certain Swedish store and on the other shoulder a large bag of the same variety  full of firewood.  The Pirate was dragging a VERY large stick in each hand!

After chainsawing and apple cleaning we hope to have a much deserved Lunch Out!!
Hopefully the wind will not get up to the 80mph gusts of yesterday while we are out, but the clouds are beginning to hide the mountains I see from the living room window.

It will probably involve a visit to a secondhand bookshop with a good stock of maps at 50pence each....!!


Relatively Retiring said...

Those Swedish store bags are so very useful, aren't they? Strong enough for logs and garden rubbish and soft fruit, and wet washing and a hundred other jobs!

Joanne Noragon said...

I know a second hand bookshop run by a completely eccentric man. A huge head of a buck is on a wall and up near the ceiling, on the prong of a horn, the gentleman's gold wedding band. He claims it landed there when he threw it away.


Oh, to be able to see mountains from the living room window! It's all a bit flat in Norfolk. Have a lovely Christmas! xCathy