Monday, 23 December 2013

ironwork for Soub

village water pumps along the street in Crosshill ( described in the 1800s as a mainly Irish village) It is on the edge of the Girvan coalfield and was a weaving village.


smartcat said...

We wait for the light!
Merry Christmas and Happy Boxing Day to you and the Pirate!

soubriquet said...

Well bless your soul............
Or is that 'sole'? I've never quite grasped the whole business of the immortal spirit vs the fish with a penchant for citrus fruits, versus the ground-contacting bottom of shoes.

It's a confusing old world, 'innit?
Rusty ironwork, love it.

I've got a heap of images to post, ideas and monologues that flit in and out, Just finding the time among all the stuff that's happening.

It's rapidly approaching the seven-year anniversary of the comment I left on her blog, and we've just passed the 2nd 'mooniversary' of our wedding. It's all good. We're house-hunting, bang bang, nearly got one but it slipped away into the woods, at the last moment.
Houses...... Sigh. We were limiting ourselves by looking for a big detached garage or an existing workshop, but now the idea's set in to look for a smaller house on a bigger plot, and build the pottery ourselves using the money we'd have spent on the .... Oh well, it's complex, I know.
So best wishes to you and yours, good to see the Pirate recovering and back on the bike.
Keep warm, I saw the BBC news of gales and wintriness over scotland. Meanwhile I'm sitting here tryping, with the back door open, and the dog snoozing in the sun on the deck. behind us there's woodland, with birds and critters.
Despite the time of year, it's like a good autumn day in England, a shirt-sleeves rolled up no need for a jacket kind of day.
We went to the Texas Clay-Fest, and I've bought a wheel!
Bon Annee!