Wednesday, 4 December 2013


Today it was comparatively warm, and sunny...cue garden work!!
A shed required its last coat of timber treatment so we grabbed the chance to finish the work!   I painted while The Pirate took an old beagle for a walk around the village.
We both finished at the same time!  
After lunchbreak we inspected a fallen tree that we could have for firewood, with a little help.  That might keep us going until the New Year!!

Then a patio cleared while the Pirate supervised...and the wind got up and the clouds loomed...and we retreated for a cuppa.
The weather turned cold with icy rain- definitely "rain stopped play".

Home to saw and stack firewood in a break in the weather.  Then supper in front of the stove.

We started wandering on the internet, looking for "Possee" , "Epps" , "Saxby","Hubbard" and "Allen" one site on tribal pages we found all those,but not the right ones.....they must be related somehow!!

Then we looked at war records....
Looks like we'll be doing a bit more genealogy soon!

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Sandy miller said...

Stacking wood here too......... it's true what they say about heating with wood. Wood makes double heat! Once when you split and stack, the other when it burns in the fireplace :)