Wednesday, 18 December 2013

what a week!

This has been a feet not touching the ground type of week, with wet and stormy weather for good measure.

Still, it has now has had results...a clean and relatively tidy "but n ben " (= two roomed house) and The Pirate's daughter and family have collected us after a late breakfast, had a good day out including a long walk along the dunes

 and lunch at our favourite coffee house in Prestwick, Murray's.

Back home to investigate the printer/scanner sent to us by my daughter

...and unfortunately SiL forgot the USB cable....and it isn't WiFi.....BOTHER!!!!
 If weather permits tomorrow we must investigate the box of electronic liquorice somewhere in the small shed,  to see if we already have the necessary  item....progress halted by something costing less than £2!!!!

Then supper cooked by grandson (age 11)  and his Sous Chef the Pirate!!  Stirfry veg with beansprouts and noodles, mixed seeds garnish, walnuts for me and chicken for everyone else.
Then homemade chocolate cake with chocolate fudge icing to follow....and a good New Zealand Merlot....

The weather is stormy again, around 30 mph plus gusts...We are in a sheltered corner here and it is still rattling the roof!!

A Day Out is planned tomorrow but I'm not sure how much outdoors walking will be done.

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