Friday, 6 December 2013

greenhouse harvest

The greenhouse is a sorry sight, but is still producing.  We haven't had a severe frost yet....

The seeds from the Coriander in the picture have been boxed, the rest of the plants will smell wonderful when we next light a fire in the stove!

We're still picking spicy salad leaves from a late sowing and the calabrese that ended up in the greenhouse is still giving small florets. This despite having been discovered by caterpillars in September!  The last sowing of beetroot only has large marble sized roots, but the leaves are delicious instead of spinach...much tastier in salad or stirfry.



Mmmm! I can smell the coriander on the stove from here! I always love chucking herbs in there - or leaving them on the top - lovely aromas wafting around! xCathy

Mr. Young said...

I can only wish for a good frost, to kill off some of this jungle growth. At least then it would be easier to clean it out!