Friday, 20 December 2013


I've just applied for a cleaning job, ONLINE!!!!
This is the first time I've done this, saved the file as a doc then attached it to an email application....WOW!!    Nerve-wracking to say the least.

One must have money to pay the bills.   Including one to rent a workshop when I can find one!

Finding any job I can apply for is difficult, most want experience.  anything that doesn't, you know there will be a mountain...literally...of applications.   In theory there is no age discrimination, but in fact there is.   Just look how many shopworkers now are under the basic wage is lower...or even under 18, lower still.

I'm considering the other skills I have and agree with my daughter...there are just too many other interesting things around. Not just to do, but that we know how to and can do to a competent level.

We are both in need of a workshop, me to work in clay, she to screenprint.

She has just given me a scanner/ to get on with it!

I can produce cards or postcards from my boxes of sketchbooks and drawing books and current drawings or photos.    Eventually this could be backup to the work in clay but they must be able to stand and sell in their own right as well.

I just need one small lead that got forgotten in the packing...all of £2 worth...and I keep on forgetting to buy one each time I go shopping!!

However we're going nowhere with the weather as it is...blowing a hooley and throwing very cold rain everywhere.   


Ian Hicken said...

I hope you find your workshop, you are such a talented potter and clay worker. Here's to 2014 and all the opportunities it will bring.

colouritgreen said...

good luck!

Cro Magnon said...

No teaching jobs around? You have so much knowledge to share, it seems wrong to end up with a cleaning job!

gz said...

Cro, I haven't finished a degree course, let alone done a teaching qualification.

So no teaching jobs.

I have done one to one teaching in a pottery...which is now closed