Tuesday, 31 December 2013

on the bus!

Today we went by bus-the best way to travel in Scotland if you have a 60+ bus pass as it is free!
You also see the locality as local people see it instead of rushing down the main roads.

We met a friend for coffee near the castle, then looked for lunch....all the favourites were closed, the others full or exceedingly expensive!!
The ferry came in and we watched its final approach-arriving at the berth with great skill. In less than an hour it was gone, on its next journey to Ullapool.
We ended up in a commercial hotel that has a cafe/restaurant and was full of local people not tourists...a good sign!

More wandering around the town before heading back on the bus.
It showed itself to be a true local service with most people being dropped off at their gate or end of lane!

Now we are watching the weather and the possibility of  not getting back across the Minches on Saturday.
The swell that comes with a 40mph wind in some directions is enough to prevent the ferry from sailing across this deep stretch of water with fast currents.

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Zhoen said...

I so miss ferries in Boston.

Happy new year.