Friday, 6 December 2013

weather for selling ?

Thursday's clouds and weather forecast didn't bode well...and as we left for a school Christmas fair in Alloway the snow was laying on the road an inch or so deep.
 You could only use dipped headlights as on full beam all you could see was swirling flakes.

Arriving at the school the snow had stopped and I got a parking space right by the entrance.   A good start to a profitable had a silver lining like the afternoon's clouds!!

It was a relief to drive home on clear roads and to have made some good sales too.
Fairs are always a hit and miss affair...guessing which locality will have enough spare cash and hoping for good enough weather to bring people out. Hoping that the organizers will have publicized the event sufficiently.

I've bought some Post Office packing boxes to calculate post and packaging costs.  We now have three rates for different size packages and the Post Office have boxes behind the counter to see which category your packet/box will fit...and  slits to see if your letter is a letter, a large letter, or a package!!

Friday was an At Home day, but a steadily busy one.  An electrician friend came for the day and he and The Pirate quietly got a lot done!  The weather has been mostly dry but chilly and damp.

I'd bought a settee in a charity shop and today was delivery day....the time set came....and went...then the shop phoned...
The delivery driver had phoned and I was out!!!!  Not when I last checked!!!
Eventually we solved the problem.  The shop had kept my carefully drawn map so the driver had relied on google. We have six or seven properties within half a mile of each other with the same postcode and three of them are called The Stables.....put our address in and it sends you to a farm a quarter mile away up a small lane!!

Settee in place, we had lunch and I could move everything back in around it...and the place still looks tidy!  Mid- afternoon and we had visitors..tea and home-made cake ready baked, luckily.

Then relax and check facebk...and I have another sale from posting about my work selling in our local community shop. 
Time to choose work to photograph and put on sale in the Etsy shop!


Mr. Young said...

Good to see people making a little money for their work!

Michèle Hastings said...

argh.. we struggle with the same delivery issues. google maps puts us 1 1/2 miles away from where we actually are!

good to hear that you had good sales.

red dirt girl said...