Friday, 4 February 2011

baking and pots

I started the latest batch of bread yesterday-a half white flour, half granary sourdough- after lunch.

This morning it was nearly ready to go in the oven, so I had breakfast in a nice warm kitchen!

Bread was followed by gooseberry and apple crumbles , the gooseberrys (frozen) from my allotment and the apples, stored in my larder, from the orchard of the house where my Man was born. Then pumpkin to be roasted ready for supper tonight, and granola as the oven cooled.

The light was fairly good today, despite the rain. The high winds were rattling the garage doors on the workshop as I waxed pot bottoms. I'm using a wax emulsion for this- just open the bottle and go! No fumes!! I'd still prefer candlewax if I was decorating by wax resist, to get the flow of the brushwork.
I've waxed six boardsful of pots from two bisque firings, mugs and jugs and smaller bowls. Then a small fruit bowl, a couple of butter dishes and a pair of small platters.

There is still a mushroom trayful left, but the light has faded. Waxing pots under a striplight isn't my choice as it makes them look flat and mistakes are made. Real light is much better!

Now the curtains are drawn, the heating is on and it is blowing a gale out there. I can hear the passing cars splashing through the puddles.

Time to make a quick supper and do some paperwork. I wish for someone else to do the "admin" so that I could concentrate on the potting!

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Anonymous said...

Well this post nearly has me giving up the diet altogether!

Thanks for your advice over on my blog, I've spent the past couple of days sewing up a storm in preparation!

I went to your website - your pots are amazing and so beautiful! Hope to see them in real life one day :)