Tuesday, 22 February 2011


Interesting reading Peter's Pottery blogpost

Cats Know.

When The Carpenter goes out, even if he himself doesn't know when he'll be back, Teigar does. AND she'll be at the right door, waiting, not necessarily the one he went out.

If she's having a day on the cushion on the windowsill, within five minutes before he arrives, she'll turn to face the window instead of warming her back in the sun.

When The Oily One returns from work, which is not a regular time, she is there to greet him and to tell him off for not being here!


Nera said...

7 lives and a 6th sense I am sure.

Hawthorn said...

Our present cat is not very in tune with us and our lives, we just live alongside each other. But we used to have a dear old tortoiseshell cat who knew almost to the minute when certain things happened, we used to joke she wore a wrist watch. She knew when and where family members would come and go, she is sadly missed.