Wednesday, 23 February 2011

small pots

I need small pots to fill the kiln around the bigger ware. It is good to have pots that are not too expensive to sell as well, to get the next generation of pot buyers into buying pots!

I've made more double ended eggcups and pin trays today, yesterday's pickle pots for serving pickle are downsideup.
This is a commission for a hand spinner-I must send her the image to see if this is what she means!
More little "wren" cream jugs, and trying out small candleholders. I'm not sure about these yet.

I threw these in five throwing sessions, two yesterday and three today. It pays to keep them shorter so that I can concentrate fully each time. I start each time fresher and make fewer mistakes, and ache less at the end of the day than if I'd just done it in one.

Ready for tomorrow.
I wish I had the money and space to buy clay and store it, just as you do firewood.
Fresh clay is not so easy to throw, but one works with what one has to!

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Gary's third pottery blog said...

totally cute collection of nice pots :)