Tuesday, 15 February 2011


Why does it have to be wet AND cold??!! At least Mountain Man managed to do the morning feed round and get home before it rained!! (and rained, and rained!!)

Another order for a salt pot!! All packed and waiting for a cheque to arrive. A dark blue one with a chicken on top this time!!

The last pot was glazed and placed in the kiln, before it was "clear the decks" time, ready to start throwing again. I only managed six belly mugs and five salt pots- and six failures.

This is not good, as I don't like wasting time. I'm not precious about every pot, if it isn't good enough, thats it, back in the reclaim ready to throw again. I need to throw more often, but in a limited space it is not easy to do more than one process at a time.

Six o clock and I was cleaned and tidied-ready to make supper and start bread.

No wonder I'm tired!!


ramona said...

You are so busy, I get tired just thinking of your days. Your pottery shows how much you put into it. we are having sunshine here.I'll send some your way.

Hawthorn said...

Working with clay is heavy going, so you should have biceps like popeye by now!

We finally finally have some sunshine pouring into the house - yay! so going to make bucket nests today for my hens - am now proud owner of three white buckets :)