Thursday, 24 February 2011


Not feeling good- I think I overdid things yesterday!

Still, good news, the thing for the spinner is what is needed- she still hasn't told me what to call it!!
Could be a spindle rest. Everything is just sitting there drying VERY slowly, so nothing I can do today.

I planted shallots today! The ground was just dry enough as I'm near the top end of the allotments.
Also bought onion sets, and seed potatoes to chit ready to plant in April. The onion sets will go in pots in the greenhouse (note to self, tidy greenhouse!)

The sacks of potatoes and onions and shallots arrived yesterday, and it was a relief to get out of the wind into the Allotment Shed to clean and tidy it with Mountain Man and Big Paul. Now it looks three times as big inside!!

Over a cheese and onion butty for lunch I did more pony and stud research on the computer with Mountain Man. He needs to get one stallion registered as such (Penhwnllys Max) so that the foals he sires can be registered as Section A Welsh Mountain Ponies.

The workshop is looking a little more cluttered, but at least the good news is that I have a "new" engine for my car, thanks to the Oily One. Next step is to do as much work on it *before* putting it in my car!! That way there will be fewer bashed knuckles and cursing!!
Then I can book it into the local Citroen and Peugeot Specialist ("Bijou"-named after a Citroen2CV!) for its annual MoT test. There are some shops and galleries that I can't get to by bus or train, so I need the car going again!!

I'm feeling better for having an easier day, but I need proper Spring Weather!!


Andrea Ingram said...

Now, that IS a busy day!

gz said...

It didn't feel like it though....spent far too much time on the computer!!
The house de-cluttering has ground to a halt, and I'm behind on paperwork.
It would help if I wasn't practically the only one of three doing the housework.