Friday, 4 February 2011

kiln firing

The biscuit firing went well, although a hot water bottle was needed on top of the gas regulator on the gas bottle to let the gas through! I hadn't thought it that cold. At 5.30 am it was a lovely starry morning!

I managed to fire the kiln slow enough to start with, but I need to get the door sealed better.
Until the flue starts to draw the fumes are coming out around the top of the door, so I spend as little time in there as possible and all the windows and the door are open! Doing that will possibly help all the firings too.

The firing took seven hours, as I took it easy to start with, then just carried on steady. Without pushing the kiln or turning the gas up atall until the end- got impatient for those last forty degrees!
Then found that the 06 cone had hardly moved and it was 1030 on the pyro at the top!!

Mountain Man came down for lunch, a nice surprise! It is surprising how much you can appreciate a meal of fresh brown sourdough bread and cheddar cheese with a cup of tea!

He must have got back up to home just in time before more fine wet rain, as the breeze increased to wind!

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Hawthorn said...

Food definitely tastes nicer when you eat it with some special