Saturday, 12 February 2011


Never mind what time you think it is, it is too late...or too early...for Cat Time!!

The day started with baking the sourdough bread I started yesterday evening. I think the ferment is happier with the warmer weather we have been getting as the bread was quicker than I expected.

It has been a beautiful day today, so I've caught up on the washing (four loads!!!) and dried most of it on the line outside.

I've had a visit from another potter, always something to look forward to, swapping notes and having another pair of eyes that sees the work from a potter's view.

Lunch with Mountain Man, a nice surprise, as I thought he'd be too busy getting ready for lambing.

Then the first proper digging and sorting of the year, moving the last two year's fruit cuttings and taking a few more at the last minute!

We have to remove all the tin sheeting from the Allotment Gardens by April. Up to now it has been too wet, or frozen solid! I need to find more wood to build a retaining wall in its place, this bed has a three inch edge on the right hand side and needs nearly a foot on the left!
The dreaded Cattail (Equisetum) growing strongly whatever the weather
Home to find that the people clearing land behind the garages over the back lane are burning rubbish...again. Mad dash to get the clothes off the line!!
Rain is forecast for tomorrow, I'll be back in the workshop!


Gary's third pottery blog said...

GOLLY, a grey toger exactly like my Spike!

gz said...

with a couple of orangey patches! She only weighs seven pounds, unlike Spike

Hawthorn said...

We've had an outside day today too, also to catch the much needed sunshine and warmth, tomorrow is forecast as a wet day, oh well, might be able to get some sewing done, mind you, I have the boys home so I will get NOTHING done!

Joseph said...

We have Cattail growing in the garden, didn't know what it was called till now, not one of the weeds my grandfather introduced me to as a child, on spring when I wasn't too good it grew to about 4 foot from across the bottom part of the garden where the shed is now situated.

Come the summer one of the old cottages that our garden adjoins burns rubbish 2-3times a week, don't know where they get it all from, mainly old beds and sofas etc, not good when you are melting.

gz said...

It is also called Horse or Mare's tail