Thursday, 17 February 2011

kiln firing

Started at 6am and I checked it mostly every 15 or 30 minutes until done!

It has been chilly but bright most of the day-good firing weather! (and good for drying the washing too!)

I used the damper today! I don't think I reduced fired it atall-hopefully not as I want my green glaze green!! We'll see tomorrow.

The first bag of the new batch of clay has been dried out and hand wedged before re-bagging ready to use. Bag number two is sitting on a wareboard as a row of a dozen lumpy humpbacked bridge shapes! Oh for clay that arrives ready to use!!

It is dusk now,and getting chilly after a clear aftermnoon.

Twelve more hours until I crack open the kiln...time for a night off! Handles can wait until tomorrow

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Zhoen said...

Let the handles of tomorrow wait 'til this day is done.