Friday, 25 February 2011


This is the best it has been all day. Either persistent drizzle or fine rain.
The bread started yesterday was taking its no fresh bread for breakfast.
The pots were going nowhere in the workshop, so I brought them into the kitchen. If the oven is on, they should dry better.
Marginally so!! Those thrown yesterday afternoon look almost freshly thrown. (The jugs at the front) The pickle pots , downsideup at the back are handleable but still too soft to fettle.
I've started to put paperwork in order. The information has mostly been coralled, now I need to bring the main accounts book up to date.

The bread made it ready for lunch!
Still, things are looking up..the "new" engine *and* the required parts are waiting for The Oily One. In the bathroom The Carpenter has been plasterboarding the ceiling and getting the room ready to be skimmed. Progress!

The weather is going to stay changeable for a few days, with a bit of sun if we're lucky.
Then it is forecast to turn cold again...looks like we'll be getting the remnants of what is going on in Northeast USA and Canada


Anonymous said...

Also the weather remnants of our location in northern Sweden, by the sound of things. Here it's been bitterly cold all winter - coldest in 40 years, neighbours say, and huge snowfalls and disruption in the South! The weather has today moved into single figure sub-zero temps for the first time in months!

cookingwithgas said...

That bread looks great!
You are dedicated to move your pots around to get them dry!
I hope we all move out of the weather we are having- warmer today but very windy!

Valerianna said...

Goodness, I hope you DON"T get what's going on here.... snow, rain, sleet, ice, wind.... YUCK! I love snow, but rain on top of snow, then snow again.... not fun. Thanks for stopping by RavenWood, you're pots look lovely. BTW, I tried clicking on your link for your Etsy shop, but didn't work. I tried a couple times while I was rooting around your blog. I'll come back and try again another time, could just be a temporary blogger thing, but did want to let you know in case.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

I use a fan when things won't dry, or set them onto our heater, but ANYWAY you are a bread master, aren't you? :)

gz said...

Thanks for telling me, V.
Its GwynnethRixonCeramics on Etsy-I'll sort the link asap-seeing my daughter today!!

gz said...

Etsy link sorted!