Sunday, 13 February 2011


Rain and low cloud, so the plan of getting into the workshop to decorate pots first thing disappeared. Housework filled the time until 10.30, then I worked on the pots in the kitchen.

I have an order to do a pair of mugs with a pig and a sheep on both. The pig drawing came easily enough, I just had to get the breed (Middle White) right. The sheep proved more of a challenge!
I can model sheep easily enough... forgot to take photos, and now they are glazed, along with hopefully enough to fill the kiln. I've done a re-mix of one of the glaze tests, I wasn't sure if the scales worked properly last time, plus another colour variation on the same Cornish Stone base.

The kiln is looking a bit cracked on the brick front. I'm wondering if it has really ever been used before! I'm the third owner, and I know the last person never fired it....
I'm beginning to visualize what the next kiln will be....but I'd have to find somewhere out of the village methinks!!

The rain fell steadily for much of the day, by five I'd finished in the workshop and the rain stopped. I had enough time before dark to plant some cuttings from Daughter's Jostaberry bush.
They've been in the kitchen since December, with their bases wrapped in damp newspaper, then double wrapped in plastic bags. They were just beginning to root so I've planted them just in time!

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oh, canNOT wait to see the pig :)