Friday, 4 February 2011

More pony wrangling

On Wednesday I was just putting the last pot in the kiln, when I got a phone call...ponies out again!

The same three again, in the same place.

Mountain Man had blocked their way down the path, leaving plenty of room for walkers, as it is a footpath, using a tree.

The tree had been pulled to one side, not an easy job....and the telltale signs were in the mud of the path......motorbike tracks.

Two trees this time!

Mind you, the ponies wouldn't be able to get to this place if the fences the other side of Twmbarlwm were maintained regularly. They probably would also be looked after more if fences were not regularly vandalised.

Madam, and her daughters of 2010 and 2009 will be moved back to the Man's mountain as soon as possible. Weather permitting of course.

The groundhog would have seen his shadow this morning, but by the afternoon he wouldn't haver seen a thing in the fine rain clouds!

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