Friday, 18 February 2011

facebook problem

I have a Page!!! great- but then I accidently switched it (the mousepad is a bit too sensitive at times) to having that showing as my main page (as I was passing that place to click, on my way to log off)

Ok, there is a place to switch back......that doesn't work.

So I can't access my messages, my home page or my profile.

Neither can I do any thing with the new page except post, can't comment or see my profile there.

I've posted questions, buyt it looks as if I'm not the only one having problems like this.

That little place to click and switch wasn't there an hour before... and I'm not the best with IT

Just when I was getting orders from friends of friends too.

IT for me stands for Intermediate Technology...but that is something completely different to this!!

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