Wednesday, 9 February 2011

kiln opening

Yesterday was a good day for firing, high pressure and dry, but cold. Can't have everything.

The kiln seemed to stick at 1230 degrees, but then cone 9 was well down and cone 10 softening, so I supposed it done.

Opening it today, the back right hand side (I initially fire with one burner- on the right side) was a tad overfired and bubbly. More soaking needed, indeed more learning how to work with the kiln.

I wouldn't say control.

I'm pleased with most of the pots from the kiln, but I'm feeling "could do better", even "have done better before" with some. I'm not happy with the grogged body, the rough feel is not attractive.

I went with The Carpenter today to collect 250kg of clay, then to three galleries to pick up pots.
CRiC had sold three salt glazed cut-foot cups ( can't enter them all for the Eisteddfod now!) and a small porcelain dish.

Coffee time.

Decisions. I don't like the pressure of deadlines, but things always end up at the last minute.


nick friedman said...


gz said...

that *was* a big pebble :-)
Nice to see people calling by

TropiClay Studio said...

I may not always say anything, but I can't wait for my (almost) daily installment of "ook!"
Can't help it... gotta have my daily dose.

gz said...

It is good to pass by others and realise that we're all having similar problems! Nice to see different ways round things too.