Monday, 28 February 2011

loose ends

I have felt like a loose end today! I knew that I did intend to do a list.....

It was supposed to be a list of loose ends to finish and tie up.......

Eventually I have finished stamping fettling and handling, just need the pots to dry. Easier said than done at present, it being cold and damp.

Mountain Man is into the lambing season now, the first were two weeks ago and they are arriving quicker now. None in January this year, thankfully-the ones that played *that* game were sold last year!! We are praying for dry weather- cold and rain is the last thing they need.

He has found Penhwnllys Max's passport - hiding where it should have been all along, just about!!
Now I know his dam (Penhwnllys Magic) and sire (Blaenau Prosper) I have been researching his family tree!! Much of this will have been "word of mouth" recorded history, but the furthest back so far is 1601!!
I must draw out a family tree on a HUGE piece of paper!!

This evening I must list, price and label pots for The Court Cupboard Gallery near Abergavenny.
I've sorted a fair number, better than taking too few-if I've taken too many that will be extra for the Showcase in the foyer shop at Newport gallery/museum/library in John Frost Square.

So now to get on with it.....


Hawthorn said...

Ooh, I lovely family trees especially with wonderful names like- Penhwnllys Magic and Blaenau Prosper :)

Have fun!

Good luck at the Gallery x

Gary's third pottery blog said...

LAMBS, yay!