Wednesday, 2 March 2011


View from the stairs in the gallery

The Court Cupboard Gallery


The Court Cupboard Gallery is situated on the western slopes of the Skirrid Mountain, Abergavenny in an old granary and has been managed by The Black Mountain Circle, a co-operative of local craft makers, since 1995.

This is where two boxes of pots were delivered yesterday!

Then after lunch I met a fellow maker in the village, who makes porcelain buttons and suchlike.

I did some digging yesterday afternoon, and started the bread in the evening. It was going slow as the temperature has dropped again, but still went into the tins right-way-up this morning.

Bread baked late morning, and the best for a long time. But I still feel loose-end-ish and can't get on with much. As if I'm waiting for something, but I don't know what.

One of the Twins has chicken pox and Daughter and husband are not well either. Not a lot you can do except hope the other gets it as soon as possible or doesn't get it. Otherwise that will be another time "in quarantine" with all the implications for work and nursery places.


Zhoen said...

If you want your links live, there is a button on the blogger page that does it easily. (Copy the url, or have it available to you.) Write in the word or phrase you want to describe the link. Highlight it, then go up to where you see the b (for bold) the i (for italics) then the sort of green cloud shape - click on it. It will bring up a box, and you can paste in the url. Close that box, publish post, and you should be able to just click on the link to go there. I always check to make sure it works, messed it up the first few times I tried it, but after that it's been very useful.

gz said...

I shall try and be brave and learn!

Andrea Ingram said...

That looks like a fine gallery. If I'm down that way....

gz said...

if only for the coffee and cake!

Kerry O'Gorman said...

Maybe it's the spring you're waiting for! Looks like a lovely shop/gallery. Hope you do well.