Wednesday, 30 March 2011

teeth and life

I have my new crown! Also a couple of fillings....and instructions to cut down on my sugar consumption....I think he ought to know my diet before saying that. Cakes and biscuits are far and few between, sweets non-existent and chocolate rare.
I think it has more to do with fifteen months with at least three viral infections plus the food poisoning, AND how your body chemistry changes as you age.....

But I can't prove that.

I have been busy, but ending up feeling that I've achieved nothing. I've tidied and de-cluttered but it still looks a mess.
I've done the accounts as best I can and need to find galleries and/or shops to take my work. I know I'll get less as they take a percentage, but at least I wont be spending on fuel every week.
I've managed to start clearing the allotment shed ready for re-construction, but as the greenhouse has been waiting since last year, when will I get any progress on that?

At least I'm back to throwing today, shaving mugs and soap dishes as the rain ran down the workshop window.


Zhoen said...

Oh, dear. Me too, just the prep for the crown today, and now the local has worn off I'm aching.

I hear bread and potatoes are bad offenders for sticking to teeth, more so than just sugary treats. At least I get to blame the retainer, and by extension the fall on my face, for my most recent broken porcelain.

WOL said...

I think I've put one of my dentist's kids through college.