Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Monday's wander

I walked a mile up the valley today....twice!! I forgot to take extra i.d. when buying a new numberplate! So I went a different way each trip there and back!!
This is looking across the Afon Ebwy
The path goes between river and rail
then over the railway

I think Mountain Man's ponies up on the mountain look happier and healthier
Railway Bridge at The Spiteful ( Where a row of houses was built to prevent the other mine-owner from building a railway!)

Looking from just past The Spitefull, across Cwmcarn, Cefn Rhyswg on the left and Twmbarlwm in the distance
Path up to Ty Siams yr Heliwr ("James the Hunter's House")
Where Cwmcarn station is, unfortunately unused. The gate straight ahead is the rear entrance to the local scrap merchant, whose shed is on the left of the platform and heaps of scrap just beyond.
Over the river to cross back to Chapel Farm. The farm no longer exists, now demolished, along with a tithe barn.

Modern bridge taking the path under the new (1969) road which follows the route of the canal at this point, unfortunately. Just no style compared to the other!!
Good thing I did two trips in the end- foraged a bowlful of crab apples!! (and took cuttings)


Hawthorn said...

Good walking, good foraging and excellent reason to build a row of cottages :)

WOL said...

Oh, you people who live out in the coutry. How I envy you.