Friday, 4 March 2011

odds and ends

"Mine" !!
You know when she doesn't want to move!
Pigs!! I think the bodies need to be longer, and they also need to be simpler
Kiln packed and ready for bisque is ALL in !!! So I reckoned I could afford to do two sessions of digging in the allotment today!
I planted the onion sets too. Two pounds weight only did three quarters of the new double bed size. I could save the last quarter for red onions. Tomorrow's decision!
The beds were five foot wide with one foot paths, but I have been persuaded to try pairing them up and having fewer paths. More ground for growing, agreed, but I don't like walking on the beds themselves. We'll see how it grows!
One more pair of beds to be dug, then all the potato patch will be ready.
I have been promised help to get the next greenhouse up, that will go on the end of the present one.
The sun goes behind the hill and it sets in cold straight away. It was frosty again last night and no doubt will be again tonight. It was a little warmer than yesterday as the breeze wasn't so chilling.
Sunset- although not full sunset, that wont be for another hour after this was taken (about 5pm)


Dan Finnegan said...

Are those sprouts in the foreground?! My favorite...

Zhoen said...

Or when the cat doesn't want you to move.

Agreed, simple pig-folk.

gz said...

Dan, those right in the foreground are Russian Red Borecole- hardier than Kale and much tastier!
Just behind them are Purple Sprouting Broccoli.
Every year at this time I transplant the best of the survivors of the Winter.
A good rootball and a liquid feed with Comfrey means more greens until other things get goimg.

Kerry O'Gorman said...

Love the piggies! Your gardens seem so much more ahead than here. They are predicting another cold, wet spring here and it is turning out to be true, since we had snow yesterday and today! Very odd for these parts at this time of year.