Sunday, 13 March 2011

new pots..and new colours!

Nicely packed, then fired on one point it seemed to really slow, and the pyro only said 1180 (it has been saying 1230) when the cone 9 went down....
Ermmmm........This WAS supposed to be a kiln mostly full of green pots.....
Could be a bit redder IF I was going for red...
Little pig fridge magnets!
That was the Big Green Bowl that was!
My solid black glaze!
and the buttery green one! The effect has gone down well though, plenty of good comments and messages on facebook!

Now I have to work out how I did it! I think I do....but I was checking constantly to make sure that the kiln WAS drawing well!!
The dark blue has come out marvellously well! This is a Spindle cup, used with a Drop Spindle when hand spinning. The bottom end of the spindle rests in it as it spins (and gets heavier!) so the inside has to be really smooth.

There may be some collaboration with a woodturner this space.

Now to see if I can get enough spindlecups made to be taken to Wonderwool....might be difficult, if not I'll be ready for next year and can sell elsewhere too.


Andrea Ingram said...

Lovely colours!

gz said...

They are growing on me!

Meanqueen said...

I like the blue ones :o)

soubriquet said...

I once went in the other direction and fired a load of reduction glazes in oxidation. They looked really good to me, just not what was ordered. Pah!
What's really annoying is the customer who's bound to ask you for another one, just like that, to match.

gz said...

I do that regularly!
If nothing else I am finding glazes that work in both atmospheres.

I'm making a feature of the fact that every firing is different, and every place in the kiln can give a different result, even on two sides of a pot. But yes, you still get people who ask for another the same!