Sunday, 6 March 2011

sunny sunday

Daughter and family arrived yesterday, but the Twins are not too well (just a two day bug) so after a sleepless night, one not so well twin went home with dad in the morning, whilst Daughter and myself tackled some tidying and got rid of most of a decrepit carpet! Which just happened to have a better one underneath!! A surprise for the Carpenter when he returns from a visit to the Wizzard!!

The weather is staying cold and fine, so yet more washing done and dried.

The Oily One has attached all the relevant engine bits and it works!!!!! Still need to get the bumper on, but problems are made to get round!!

I unpacked the bisque, but have some Alphabet platter, both salt pots with snail knobs blew out their bottoms! and three mugs on the bottom shelf. Still the big bowl survived.

I need to find a way to fire the kiln slower to start with. Would lighting both burners do this- at least having to share the gas might have smaller flames? I'd thought that just having one burner would do this, but obviously not.

I can't really afford different burners yet. One problem is that heat builds up too fast in the top of the kiln before the flue heats up and begins to draw.


Zhoen said...

Sacrifices to the kiln gods.

Hawthorn said...

You made me snort and almost spill by rather hot tea when I read (I quote)...snail knobs blew out their bottoms! How painful :)

Lucky about the better carpet.

gz said...

@Z, indeed

@H, he is pleased about the carpet!

WOL said...

Would how you stack the kiln have anything to do with it? Like if you put the bigger, thicker pieces where it gets hottest?

Have you thought about doing a "Dramatis Personae" on your side bar and explaining who's who for the benefit of those of us who joined you when you were already in progress? (Like me!) "Wizzard - works with The Carpenter" "The Oily Man -- #1 son."