Thursday, 31 March 2011

a good throwing session or three

Shaving bowl with lid, soap dish and shaving mugs.
I'm not sure if the bowl is big enough- I need to find the dimensions of the soap.
More spindle cups and the start of some yarn bowls too- trying out different sizes
Another soap dish with a lid- the disc on the right will have holes and will fit in the bowl
soap dishes-I want some of these to be squared or oval.
Getting bigger!
Cleaned and ready for the next time!
and bigger!!
The next bag of clay. I should have opened this a couple of days ago, it is SO soft.
Last night it was almost blowing a gale and this morning the recycling boxes were being blown along the road after the collection- they rumble quite impressively!
One tulip in the back yard had its stem snapped by the wind. This morning it was raining again, save for a brief respite at about 8am. I didn't expect to see Mountain Man, but he came down well wrapped up to tend the seedlings in his greenhouse. The rain gradually lifted and it was quite pleasant by 2pm After lunch I gave him a lift back up top, then came back and threw some bigger pots. They feel quite impressive- but wont be quite as good after the shrinkage in firing!!

The Oily One has gone climbing, and The Carpenter is building a wheel!!


Hawthorn said...

It sounds like all go at yours today! We were 'chased' down the road by a recycle bin today and yes they do rumble loudly.

I saw ages ago some pot wool bowls and they had a bit of a lip like a funny shaped pouring spout - apparently the ball sat in the bowl and the yarn came through the spout which prevented the ball from bouncing out if pulled hard - did that make sense? I think they were made by an American potter.

madpotter1 said...

A good day or thee indeed! Love those forms, a treat got my eyes......

gz said...

@H, yarn bowls now have a cut in the rim shaped like an upsidedown comma

colouritgreen said...

ohhh i fancy a yarn bowl... i do!

Zhoen said...

I have a soft spot for little bowls. And a great admiration for those who can throw big ones.

Kath said...

Hello gz, I thought is was time I came over to "meet you" properly. How wonderful that you are a potter, I have enjoyed reading about your work.
I am just about to read some older posts now. Blessings from Glastonbury.

gz said...

nice to see you here

gz said...

nice to see you here

WOL said...

I'd like a yarn bowl too -- a nice solid heavy one. Alas, it would cost a small fortune to ship it to me! Have you thought of a nice curved sided one that is globe shaped, with a lid that had a little "bite" out of one side like soup tureen lids have to fit around the ladle handle? That's where the yarn would come out. The lid would keep the ball of yarn from jumping out.