Friday, 11 March 2011

back up and...walking

Referring back, today- Soub, I missed taking the top of the Bollard- It would make sense having a lamp post there- I will have to check again and see if I can find others too. It is just before the lower end of a footpath railway bridge.
Naturally I was drawn to the profile and details! (thinking of pots!!)
ID Needed!! I thought these were Haws from a distance....then Crab apples as they are thornless. The tree itself looks like both.....

Any ideas?


English Rider said...

If not Haws, can they be Hips? Rosehips?

gz said...

The latest guess is Thornless Cockspur, or The Wayfaring Tree /Chequers Tree.

Waiting for the leaves to open, as that will show- The Cockspur is Crataegus Prunifolia, which gives it away a bit! and the Chequers Tree has leaves similar to a Maple (but smaller)

soubriquet said...

Not a lamp-post either. I think it's a something else.