Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Tuesday's walk

Bollard!!! Lovely shape.
Looking from Risca up the valley, with the brickworks left of centre
stalactites! Under a canal bridge

It was still cold and frosty this morning, with little wind, so Mountain Man had the best of it at home on the mountain whilst the village was in shadow until almost lunchtime. Lambing is progressing slowly, some losses to the fox, some not surviving. Not all bad as the one who lost hers had one of a pair of large twins.
I worked in the kitchen this morning, waxing the bottoms of pots while the bread baked behind me and the sun shone in the window in front of me giving warmth and good light.
This afternoon The Carpenter helped deliver the pots for Newport Museum/Information Centre Showcases to the potter who will be setting up the show.
Then he left me in Risca to do a little shopping and walk home, and I regretted only wearing a scarf on my head...freezing ears!!
The Carpenter collected the Oily One from work. This gives them an hour's more daylight to finish fixing my car before it gets tested tomorrow!
Talk about working to the last minute!!


soubriquet said...

That bollard? Is there a hole in the top. Like an about 4" diameter hole?
I've got a sneaking suspicion about that bollard.
I think it might be not-a-bollard....

gz said...

I don't think so- I'm on the laptop and have deleted it from my phone. Will check when I can get on the computer!