Saturday, 5 March 2011

mad rush

The bisque firing has finished. I had to hold it back at one point- I think that higher atmospheric pressure does mean easier firing. Now to get everything glazed and fired before low pressure comes along!!

Now that is done I can relax (?) and get the house tidier as the Twins and daughter will be here tonight.

Plus go down the valley on my bike for some shopping, tidy the Carpenter's bedroom (the one with floor space for a travelling cot !) Plus get the pots ready for the Newport Information Centre Showcase priced and packed and print the blurb/price list.

At least the sun is shining brightly even if it was really cold again last night. The fields over the other side of the valley were white with rime.


Andrea Ingram said...

Just been out cycling the Golden Road on the Isle of harris and called in to see Nilolai. See

gz said...

Would be interesting to know what are the local materials being used, something I'm always keen to do