Wednesday, 23 March 2011


Today we went to Oakdale to collect posts and fencing wire from the area association HQ.
These will mostly be mending fences on our site.
Before lunch I cut down some blackcurrant bushes on the Man's plot....the Dreaded Big Bud. Then I started digging up the roots, ready to burn the lot. Hopefully the other patches of red and black currants will be ok, but we are keeping an eagle eye on them from now on.....

Lunchtime, and being the Allotments chairman, my Man had to go to the school!! (the school they couldn't keep him in when he was five!!) The school is having an allotment plot, things must be discussed.

Meanwhile I went to prepare lunch, and whilst waiting I set out pots and background ready to joy......flat battery in the is on charge now, but takes an age.

Still no Man for lunch....then I discover that the man with the rotavator is turning the school's plot! Take lunch to Man!!!!

Back for a cuppa, as he is getting tired- not enough food and definitely not enough drinking, let alone breaks in between jobs!

The weather has been so beautiful today, the warmest this year. I gave him a lift back up the "hill", ready to start the evening feeding and checking round.

I did not want to come back down here to the noise and dust.

I've just felt lost since I came back down. I wish we could find, literally, a half-way house.

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