Monday, 14 March 2011

subdued day

This afternoon I had to go to the dentist, so my mind was a little distracted this morning.

I couldn't settle to anything, so I went and dug the last potato patch.

I had the work for a new crown started, and also a filling-I've known for a while that *something* was wrong I have a massive filling, and in three months possibly root canal and crown.(if they can). I haven't needed any work for ages- last year's food poisoning seems to have got me down, I've been fraying at the edges since then.

Now the Oily One and the Carpenter are hopefully finishing off the work needed on the car (apart from a new tyre) so that it can pass its test. I'm just feeling a bit bruised and tired.


Trish said...

Gwynneth, I understand about the dentist and feeling a little out of sorts...Having a long dental procedure pending is a drag.... hope your spirits are up today.
How lucky to still have potatoes to dig..! we still have 2 - 3 feet of snow in the back yard...
Spring is coming, though..Make it a good clay day. ;)..
I am off to the grade 8's and glazing today..I will be tired tonight..:)..
Cheers, Trish from Alberta

WOL said...

When I have to go to the dentist, I load my MP3 player with relaxing music. I have to use the nitrous oxide as the noise of the drill affects me the way fingernails on a black board affect most people. I plug in my MP3 player and float off into the music.