Saturday, 26 March 2011

an odd week

It has been a week where I've felt aimless, despite having loads to do.

I've managed a little gardening, eventually finished the salt pot knobs yesterday afternoon.

Housework takes up too much time and energy, but at least I am slowly de-cluttering.

The bowl for the Welsh Artistof the Year competition was delivered safely. Now wait a fortnight.....

I tried, and failed to put something on Etsy yesterday-beaten by all the questions and scared of getting it wrong.

There is also paperwork to finish off and more to start on.

I need a housekeeper and a secretary/organizer!!!


Andrea Ingram said...

I have decided we need a butler :-)

cookingwithgas said...

I always wanted a wife! Then again maybe just someone who would happily do ALL the paper work!

gz said...

A butler....yes!

WOL said...

I'd settle for a cook/housekeeper, one who is a good baker, for choice.