Sunday, 27 March 2011


De-cluttering, tidying, cleaning, washing!!!!....and drying too, all except my overalls and workshop towels.

Cars moved, one to the workshop apron, the other to the new garage. Even the Oily One was sorting car bits...not sure how much went out however, but at least they are better organised!!

Both desks have been de-cluttered and are tidier- more to do there yet!

I think I am doing in the cat's head!! She is paranoid enough already, and has spent much of the day in the far recesses of the Oily One's lair!!


yeractual said...

Hi, Good to see you are organising.....I should be too. But things just get in the way. Tell the Oily One that you can never have enough car bits - just after you've dumped an old thingy, you need it. Guaranteed, in my experience (and when last in UK/Wales/Hereford border) I had a shed full of old SU carbs and 1960s Alvis bits. Broke my heart to throw them out when we moved abroad!
Our cat, Charlie, is decidedly odd at times (J would say, at ALL times): but he was severely savaged when about 6 months old by three farm/hunting dogs, and lucky to survive. So, I forgive his paranoia.

gz said...

I see the point about car bits-but my front room is more of a workshop, between cars and bikes, his room, although small ALSO has car bits in, as does most of my back garden,although small, my small shed, which should have clay in it,and a third of my workshop.....also a third of the Carpenter's Garage, and two SORNed cars on Mountain Man's field......
We do have a problem with hoarding :D
If you have car bits they should be sorted, labelled and listed!! Then if you do need them, you can find them!!