Friday, 11 February 2011


Lizard skin effect handles!
New shape mugs
"Wren" small jug
and a nice red bowl!
The butter dish has worked well- must make more
Two of these salt pots have sold already, and I have one with a snail ordered too!!

I might put three small feet on these to make them a bit more stable.

Today has been a good day- two exhibition submissions posted, two pots paid for, and The Carpenter is sorting his finances (and has more savings than he thought-relief!!)
The weather has had some sunny patches, but has settled back to rain tonight.

The Oily One mended the washing machine yesterday and I used it today...relief....and a grand total of £109 saved.

Other momentous things are happening round the world too.

11.02.2011 .....a palindromic day!! (well- over here it is :-) ) must be something in it

Blessings Be indeed.


Jo said...

I love the red bowl! The colour is incredible :)

gz said...

It isn't just the photo, thankfully!

gz said...

btw, when will your blog be wheeling along again? :-)

Hawthorn said...

gz - you have some wonderful work displayed here, the colours look so so lustrous! I really love the lizard handle, you should really add your photos to your blog on a separate page - what an advert!!

gz said...

My daughter has just added some to my website there is a link on the blog already.

I must add a link to my etsy shop with pictures too.

The lizard skin effect handles are going down well!
All thanks to Takeshi Yasuda for his Marvellous Machine made from a piece of plywood and four bolts!!

Gary's third pottery blog said...

wicked cute pieces with the birds :)

Zhoen said...

Very fond of your little duckies.

cookingwithgas said...

that bowl is wonderful!
It caught my eye across the room as the hubby was looking at your blog-love it!

Allyson said...

GZ: love the new pottery! Especially the lizard skin effect mug at the top, and the salt pots. You really must get onto Etsy!

Anonymous said...

hi gz,
totally dig the shape of the second mug down. can't believe the palindromic came and passed without me knowing... i need to wake up

gz said...

Allyson, my Etsy shop is open! We're gradually getting more pots posted on there

soubriquet said...


Especially that lizard skin!
I don't know how T.Y's gadget works, I thought you might have rolled it on smething like a textured wallpaper.

As for Palindromes, i'd stay away for fear a Palin might land nearby.
Praiseworthy oily-one!
Keep them being busy and useful, and aware that they are valued when they do good works.
How's the car engine coming along?

soubriquet said...

Oh. and I second Hawthorn's suggestion.
You know that you can attach pages to your blog?
Go to your blog, "New Post" .
At the top of that page should be three tabs. New Post, Edit Posts, and "Edit Pages". (you mighy have "Comment Moderation" up there too.)

Susan said...

Love, love , love these!

gz said...

Page done!

No engine yet.

He has texted

He needs to phone....phones bite, don't they!!!

soubriquet said...

Quick work that page!
And a great showcase, I really like those buttery textured blues and greens.

gz said...

I can't seem to access those on the computer or on flickr, but I can get those on Picasa, ie all those I've posted on the blog already.

The buttery glazes are Cornish Stone based. I'll have to get testing for a substitute soon, but there have been some suggestions on clayart lately

Anonymous said...

I love the salt pots, and the small jug is so sweet. I love that blue/green colour!