Monday, 14 February 2011

kiln packing again

The kiln is packed again, after a bit of maintenance- scraping the cracks a bit deeper and spraying with water then filling with kiln cement. As soon as it has dried I can fire again.
I've done a couple more glaze tests and mixed a bigger batch of "Old Yeller" glaze-which often gives me a nice optical blue!!

I've put bits if brick as baffles to make sure that the pots there don't get over toasted. Also I've left a little more room for the flames to get behind the stack of pots-not too much I hope!

We had showers all day, and on the mountain (400metres or thereabouts-1200 feet) Mountain Man was being snowed on as he walked- but all the snow melted as soon as it hit the ground.
He walked down to work in his garden then came here for lunch just in time as the mountain across the valley disappeared from view behind an "almost hail" shower!
The Carpenter arrived home( from helping The Wizzard mend his house over the weekend) at the same time!
Of course, as I could give my Man a lift back up the Mountain it stopped raining and hailing!

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Zhoen said...

One of those things that always baffled me, that the glaze unfired would not be the color of the glaze fired. I understood it was due to chemistry, but it still threw me.