Sunday, 23 January 2011


I'd love to be able to live without one!

Friday saw me heading off to Radstock to collect materials for a friend from Bath Potters Supplies.
I also collected their last bag of the clay I use. I can see why it was the last is rather soft!! My local supplier can't get any yet, none in the factory!
Continuity comes at a cost. £9 for one bag. I will be paying £6 per bag when I get the next batch of 20 bags locally.

Yesterday I delivered my friend's clay, only just over thirtyfive miles altogether, but it was enough for the car. The longstanding air in the radiator has been diagnosed, and now must be sorted...after the parts arrive (hopefully) on Wednesday.

I spent a few hours helping Mountain Man and other allotmenteers. They were building a new door for the Allotment Gardens' Garage. I held this, passed that and swept out as best as I could!! Now we can have our compost and fertilizer deliveries without having to carry each bag down a sloping concrete slabbed path to the Allotment Shed-not very safe in damp weather.
We will still have to stack them ourselves, but carrying a bag less than ten feet on the level is no chore!!
Not having a working car, I couldn't give Mountain Man a lift back to the house for a late lunch alone.

Good News for today..I've managed to sort my paypal account!

I'm still feeling subdued. I feel so nearly "there", but not quite. Always having to scrimp on things, always worrying if we can afford anything, dreading another round of paperwork to claim a few pounds.

The weather is not helping either. At least we don't have the low temperatures of the USA or other places, but it is colder than usual, so no help! The assumption is that everything carries on as usual, but it shouldn't. There should be a time when you can sit back a little-not exactly hibernate, but do Winter things.

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