Saturday, 8 January 2011


A carfull of stuff has been taken to the local recycling centre...Good Riddance!!

I've been weeding some books and finding them good homes-sending friends to friends!

The workshop is looking tidier too-I don't like working in a mess.

It has been a nice bright day with a light breeze, so it was a relief to dry washing on the line.

Still more sorting to do, but at least I can see a large part of the floor in the Room of Doom.

A very good name for it...Thankyou Chez,
from !

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Hawthorn said...

We've been de-cluttering too - the boys room got so that I couldn't face going in! But now a combination of charity shop/tip and friends have relieved us of stuff, it feels great!
The boys room is getting to be less of the room of doom!