Tuesday, 25 January 2011


is something I loathe!!
I'm getting my price list sorted slowly. I need to go over my cv and artist statement too, ready for exhibition submissions, and work out how to get photos on a cd and what to do with them first. I'm afraid of messing things up, and I seem to find that too easy where computers are concerned.

I need someone else to do all this, so that I can just get on with making better and better pots!!

Meanwhile my feet are cold, I've been sitting too long.

Time for a cup of coffee and making pots!


ladyofclay said...

HI Gwynneth,
I echo your feelings on paperwork and my desk is the proof !
I was quiet surprised to see your hand in the second picture of your most recent pots. I didn't expect the small size of the pot. They have a larger presence.
I did write to the group you sent me the link to as well as the jobsearch UK site. The group told me I could post my ad in the trading section but didn't give me much hope for a reply and the jobsearch site didn't reply to my inquiry. I am looking for the right place to reach the right crowd because I find that I spend too much time e-mailing triflers, if you know what I mean.
I really enjoyed your pictures of the mountain walking trails. I should look through my cds and see if I can find the pictures I took up in the Rockies.

Zhoen said...