Wednesday, 19 January 2011

sunset on Cefn Rhyswg

This still doesn't do justice to the colours, but it gives an idea how breathtaking sunsets are from where Mountain Man lives.

Looking over to the highest point of the mountain, pink in the sunset.
Clear felling. I don't know if this is where the crop has matured, or where larches have caught Sudden Oak Death. Unfortunately Bilberries get it too, so hopefully this is being done in time.
In the foreground you can see where the frost has stayed all day, on the Northern side of Cefn Rhyswg.

We went to buy dogfood, sugarbeet and two small bales of hay. Keeping the stock fed! Hopefully no lambs before March, but you never know, despite all the calculations.

Leaving this to come back down to the village is never easy.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful.
I feel the same about returning home after spending time away from it in the great outdoors, especially when the sun is shining!

gz said...

I'd much rather live with Mountain Man on the top than in the village at the foot....

Hawthorn said...

No, I can understand that, leaving all that 'largeness' and big 'skyness'is difficult. Don't villages feel small and parochial after a day of breathing the air.

gz said...

just a little claustrophobic!
I like my own space. Road noise doesn't help, and I loathe street lights intensely!!