Thursday, 6 January 2011

New Beginnings

Not many sales at Hay Market today, but I got on with knitting mitts for us, and with designing this year's pot shapes!

Looking forward to getting back on the wheel tomorrow.

The Oily One's car was written off this morning- a woman driving two kids half a mile to school, turned right, across his front, in the middle of the village by the school.

She wasn't late for school. Kids need to walk too. She was obviously NOT thinking about driving.
She also didn't switch her engine off, so as her car dumped all its coolant over the road, she has probably blown her head gasket....and other the word schadenfreude?

I know he needed to reduce the number of cars he has....but he didn't need this right now. At least he is OK..just two cars left now!!


Zhoen said...

Poor dear, crashes are so disturbing, even without obvious injury.

TropiClay Studio said...