Tuesday, 25 January 2011

more paperwork

I can't put it off any longer!!

I threw one wareboard of pots, put two jugs in the reclaim clay. Even with a heater and throwing slip and clay stored in the kitchen...at least that gets me one board at a time!
It is actually warmer here, as it is raining.....but inside the air is chill.
I think I have just about enough for a bisque firing, then I can sort what gets reserved for the next saltglaze firing and glaze and fire the rest.

Prices done for the website pots and those on flickr.

Pricelist done as best I can.

Now for the CV and Artist Statement.


Lori Buff said...

You're going to feel so accomplished when it's all done.

gz said...

done, and emailed to Daughter for proof reading/approval/translation.
(My written Welsh is good, but she went to school in Wales too!)