Thursday, 20 January 2011

coooooold and frosty

So much for an early start this morning...the car was well and truly frosted!

It was a long cold day, but beautiful. I watched the full moon set as I drove to Hay on Wye, disappearing behind a hill just before I reached somewhere that I could have stopped and photographed it.
An icy blue sky, with a pale apricot coloured horizon.

Breathtaking, and not fair when you have to concentrate on driving!

The market is suffering from the recession. People have to eat, so the food stalls carry on, even if trade is reduced. The rest of us are facing grim times and many had no sales or few sales.

Having to grin and bear it while someone praises your work but says that they are just getting inspiration is getting more difficult for all of us.

I'm not doing the market again until March, now. There is no point standing in the cold all day and paying for the privilege!!

I arrived home to good news- I've been accepted by the Black Mountains Craft Circle, so can have my work in the Court Cupboard Gallery at Llantilio Pertholey near Abergavenny.
Definitely a step in the right direction.


Hawthorn said...

Well done with getting some work in to a gallery - hope this is the exposure you need!
I also saw the huge moon this morning while I was taking the boys to school but it dipped behind the hills very quickly and I needed to concentrate on the slippery roads

Isn't it time winter moved on?!

ps the word verification word was 'luckle' so I thought I'd pass it on to you - hope you have a bit of 'luckle' in your day :)

madpotter1 said...

We call it the Wolf Moon here........
and BRAVO on the Black Mountain Craft Circle and gallery!!

Kerry O'Gorman said...

The other morning it was so frosty that I couldn't open the door to my van! Hope you do well in future hard to make a living as an artist!

gz said...

I've done plan B for too long, now there are no plans B left.
I love doing certain markets, others are a chore! Certainly the weather has been against us!