Tuesday, 11 January 2011

making more pots again

I saved two of the last batch. I think I've just about "patterned" to this shape after a dozen.
I made seven, then stopped for lunch, went over to Cwmbran to retrieve a jug from a gallery- they hadn't even put it out!- I've sold it via facebook to a friend.
At least they think I've sold some other work, should have the cheque next week.

Then we checked that the ponies hadn't returned to the spot we'd moved them away from...relief! No ponies and no fresh evidence- one good thing about the rain we have had.
Then I delivered Mountain Man to his Mountain and returned to throw five more.

I'm trying a new jug shape too. I want "elegant" but also "practical". You must be able to clean them after use!

The clay is still a little gloopy at times. I think reclaim needs a little more time to rest before use.
Halo round the moon. Looks like the forecast of rain will be fulfilled.


Hawthorn said...

Sounds like you have been busy, looking forward to seeing your elegant yet practical jug :)

I always struggle taking pictures of the moon - they never come out well

Anonymous said...


Thanks for your comment on my blog, always great getting them!
It seems your just 20 mins down the road from me, small world ;)

Beautiful pots by the way, I'll look out for you next time I'm in Hay.


gz said...

@H not bad for a mobile phone!

@Sara. Bore Da!! Hope the roads aren't flooded on the way tomorrow